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pre-recording a live-to-air at Radio WHPK Chicago 06.04.07 [photo: john dunlevy]

publicity shots here
the feb 2007 bio - composed for ATP and SxSW - is full of detail but a little stodgy

see also ian's music or other mySpace pages for more/different bio infos

bio: oct 07
ian wadley uses an electric guitar and a looping device to make minimalist music, sound-art, etc.

there is some noise (from ambient magnetics as well as the guitar-as-light-percussion), a bit of drone (usually in the upper registers), and much improvisation - grounded in original composition, but also the history of songs..

some attempt is made to find melody where others might sweep it under the carpet or otherwise walk on it!

a review on ecstatic peace suggested "derek bailey channelling jimi hendrix"

others have used words like cinematic, filmic, and so forth

ian is from australia, where he drummed in minimum chips & played lead guitar in the post-punk bird blobs, as well as the solo project, and fifty others besides

this year he played (in the UK) all tomorrows parties (curated by the dirty three

on the way there he played at south by southwest - where he was invited to drum for jandek as well as playing solo (on a bill with charalambides and thurston moore amongst others

ian recently drummed (etc.) for a european tour of function and is currently living and playing solo in leipzig and berlin